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torsdag 20 april 2017

Jeshivaopiskelija löytyi hengissä Suolameren läheisestä Juudean erämaasta!

Löytöpaikan  kuvausta  Wikipedia lähteestä Nabi musa base tienoo.


After searches continued through the night, rescue teams located this morning a yeshiva student missing since yesterday in the area of Nahal Og (Og stream) in the Judean desert. He was found safe and sound.
From initial investigations of the incident, it appears that the youth was hiking in the area of the stream with 4 of his friends, who were rescued yesterday already; after he got lost, he ascended to the top of a tall hill.
The student saw the helicopter searching for him and waved his hands, but the helicopter didn’t see him. Later that night, he fell asleep.
When he awoke in the morning, he walked towards the Neve Musa army base and called out for help. After he didn’t receive an answer, he sat on the side and waited.. A police vehicle passing by the area found him, safe and sound.
After he was found, the yeshiva student thanked those who searched for him. “First of all, I want to thank the Creator of the Universe. He sent me, and somehow I got to the base.”
“Thank you so much, you were with me all night and I felt it, the searchlights, helicopters, I saw everything and I said, ‘they’re looking for me, so I still have a reason to walk.’ Guys, you were amazing,” he added.


אותר בחיים הצעיר שנעדר מאז אתמול באזור ים המלח

אנשי יחידת החילוץ מגילות איתרו לפני שעה קלה (חמישי) צעיר שנעדר מאז אתמול בשעות אחר הצהריים בנחל אוג שבצפון ים המלח, כשהוא בריא ושלם. הצעיר טייל במקום עם ארבעה חבריו, כולם תלמידי ישיבה מירושלים כבני 20, שסבלו מתשישות והתייבשות לאחר שאיבדו את דרכם.

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