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onsdag 19 april 2017

Concern over missing yeshiva student in Judean desert

19. 4. 2017

Concern over missing yeshiva student in Judean desert

Five yeshiva students suffered dehydration while touring in northern Judean desert, one still missing.

Five Jerusalem yeshiva students who went to tour Nahal Og (Og stream) in the northern Judean desert suffered from dehydration. They contacted rescue units which succeeded in locating all of them except for one who has not yet been found. There is a growing concern about his condition.
The police reported that "up to this point, helicopters and gliders flying in the area have not succeeded in locating the student."
With the advent of darkness, police and rescue personnel have begun to scan the stream by foot and by employing vehicles in the area. The main efforts are being concentrated on the area where the student's friends lost contact with him.

באזור ים המלח

צוותי יחידת חילוץ מגילות מחוז ש"י עורכים בשעה זו (רביעי) חיפושים אחר נעדר בנחל אוג באזור ים המלח. הנעדר היה עם ארבעה מטיילים נוספים שהתייבשו במהלך הטיול. אחד מהם הזעיק עזרה וארבעה מתוך החמישה אותרו וחולצו.

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